One thought on “Hillwood High Bathroom Duel 2018-19

  1. This is wrong to post for entertainment. Children fighting? It would take a real screwed up person to enjoy watching this. Fights have always happened even when my ass was in school but it was not entertainment. We of course didn’t have social media and kids didn’t have cell phones. You all settled your issue whatever it was and that should of been it. I guess being a dad and grandfather now plus the violence is so diff now then it was in the 1980’s. Also when something like this is posted it’s there for life cause regardless if it’s deleted it’s somewhere and this to pop up 20yrs from now could ruin a career. Plus I would never want a fight filmed due to the fact it’s evidence if someone had taken someone to court over a serious injury. Assault is a crime regardless who
    Started what and to allow people to film and load it to the web is not smart. Hope you kids have a good school yr and can get along.

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