McGavock High: 2nd day of School Brawl – AUG 2019

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11 thoughts on “McGavock High: 2nd day of School Brawl – AUG 2019

  1. Scoop should be ashamed for sharing such trash and giving these kids the minute of fame that they crave. Grow up. You’re becoming part of the problem.

  2. Something has to be done…. And I believe the system is to blame for the way public schools are being patrayed these days.

    1. When I went to these schools mcgavock and Antioch there where legitimately fights almost everyday and media had nothing to do with it .

  3. The problem is single parent households. boys being raised by women full of aggression a lot of mouth no respect weak gotta have the last word no men in their lives that’s the new age, black male. Than you wanna know why the police are acting the way they are towards young black men.

    1. This is literally the most disgusting and disrespectful shot I have ever heard. I get so tired of hearing it’s single mothers or this is the “new age” black male. No some people are just aggressive dude.

    2. So I guess it’s ok for the kids to fight also, why are you referring to black males, you don’t know what is going on in their house hold, white, black, Asian, or whatever race, don’t try and single out black men on this video, THEY ALL DESERVE TO BE PUNISH

    3. Shut yo bitch ass up always wanna blame black men when you don’t even know who started the fight ignorant ass bitch don’t comment on a bias system claiming black men is the only household who is only raised by they mother when white boys and other race go thru the same shit

      1. Every time you open your ignorant mouth you set black ppl back about 75 yrs. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ancestors endured so much for y’all. And you can’t even write a sentence that would pass a 3rd grade test.

        Yes, it’s a black problem .

  4. The kids at that school are idiots every last one of them I wish we could send them to a war zone they all like to fight and be all gang gang all the time fighting shooting it’s insane

  5. These wanna be thugs will be shot an killed in a few weeks from there own cousin or friends . The African American Race is a Self Genocide Race . These kids have a School to get a high school diploma but rather act tough , One day they will face death an there’s nothing they can do ?.

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