Statford HS parent placed in choke hold by MNPD 08/19/2019

The incident began over a dress code violation. Full details in an upcoming story on Scoop: Nashville.

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6 thoughts on “Statford HS parent placed in choke hold by MNPD 08/19/2019

  1. Wow! the future of that child is completely finished and that is how a society breeds poverty and criminality and hopelessness. Next will come PTSD, then what? No child should go through this over such stupid misconduct. Unless there is something else committed but killing the future of a 16 year old is just quiet as good as killing them. Watching her dad put on the ground and hand choked for a dress code mistake is just not right.There should have been other ways or mechanisms to go about solving this problem Anyways seems Nashvillians know better.

  2. Cops just think they are so slick nowadays. What was the purpose of the female cop raising his legs so he could feel the choke more? And they wonder why they have such a hard time in the black neighborhoods. Your badge makes you no better than the thugs you arrest because you feel your job gives you the authority to what you want to do with no consequences. He is lying down & handcuffed, what is all the extra stuff about & why so tight a grip around his neck? SMDH!

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